Drug Trafficking and Its Repercussions taught at Christian Drug Rehab

November 28th, 2009

Drug trafficking implies sales, distribution, manufacturing, smuggling and trafficking of banned substances like drugs.  Every year, more than thousands of people are admitted to rehabilitation centers due to drug addiction. Drugs are illegally supplied in the US through various means and a lot of people are involved in this dragnet due to easy money in this illegal trade.

Though federal laws are very strict against drug trafficking, state laws flout them especially due to differences in how both sets of law perceive drug abuse.  Depending on the type of drug, means of transport are used to ship them to the US. For instance, cocaine is mostly brought in the country by road.  People camouflage drugs with materials like oil, sugar etc to bypass the checks that are done by authorities. Drug trafficking account for 40 percent of organized crime in the US and this crime industry is believed to generate nearly $110 billion annually.

There are heavy fines and prison sentences imposed on drug trafficking.  The severity of legal action taken on drug suppliers, smugglers and drug peddlers depend on the type of the drug and the weight of the particular drug. If four grams of heroin are found on a person, he or she can attract three years of punishment and a $50,000 fine. This is because the US law is very strict with heroin smuggling; more than 4 grams of heroin on a person can label him as a drug trafficker. If you think $50,000 is high, think again, because lucrative deals of drug trafficking of heroin can run into millions. Faith based drug rehabilitation centers like Christian drug rehab can be very helpful in treating drug addiction.

Though there are regular crackdowns towards drug trafficking, the country needs to enforce zero tolerance for drug trafficking as do some countries in Asia like Singapore. Drugs malign the lives of thousands of people every year in the US. Teenagers and impressionable minds are the worst affected.  Some people take to drugs as an escapist tendency to reduce their depression, stress and emotional turmoil; sadly it increases it.

A drug addict is seen in company with people of similar mindset or he has to live all to himself. He is on his own trip and does not even understand the lives he is affecting by his action and words. He is given to be numb to things around him; his actions are either desensitized or hyper. He loses appetite, loses sleep, loses friends and his family gives up on him.  Things reach to such a point that he will see solace in drugs when he is hungry or thirsty.  Is there hope? Yes, there is.  There are drug rehabilitation centers that can help people break this addiction.

You should choose a good drug rehab center if you want your near or dear one, who is affected by drug addiction get well.  It has also been seen that people who are treated in Christian drug rehab hardly go into relapse, because they are known to deal effectively with withdrawal symptoms. Faith based drug rehab centers give people the hope and the ability to lead better lives once again.

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